Flower Care

For Longer Lasting Arrangements

Fresh Cut Flowers 

Here are a few tips for keeping your flowers looking fresh and beautiful.

  • Clean your vase with dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly.

  • Fill half to two-thirds of the vase with warm water. 

  • Remove any leaves that may be submerged in water. 

  • Recut the stems on a 45 degree angle and trim every couple of days.

  • Change the water every day or two. 

  • Ensure all the flower stems are submerged in water.

  • Most flowers last longer in mild temperatures, so don’t place on windowsills in direct sunlight.

  • Keep flowers away from ripening fruit. Fruits produce ethylene, which tells a plant to ripen, and that will shorten the life span of your flowers.

  • Remove any wilting flowers as they appear. 

Dried Flowers 

  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight. This can cause the petals and colouring to fade.

  • Keep flowers in a dry, cool area. 

  • Do not get flowers wet. 

  • Keep flowers free from dust. Use a low cool setting on a hair dryer to help remove dust.